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"One small business helping small businesses with quality services for a low cost."

Leading Point Marketing was established in 2005 in Southeastern Wisconsin. We assist small business owners with web design and marketing at a very competitive price with professional sites.

Since 2005 we have provided services to over 1,500 clients and expanded within the following states;

  • Wisconsin

  • Illinois

  • Iowa

  • Minnesota

  • Michigan

  • Florida

  • California

Web Designing Examples & Pricing (click on pic of website)

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We Keep It Simple!

When we design your website we listen to what you want. Your website is customized to your business and potential/current customers. Your online customer will be able to easily locate the information for your products and/or services and/or pricing without having to complete twenty additional clicks. We often say, "If you can imagine it, then we can build it for you, your business and your customers."


Web Hosting

  • Approximately $220 per year. Please remember that web hosting fees can fluctuate.

Domain Name

  • $15-$25 per year. Client registers their credit card for this fee. Please remember that domain name fees can fluctuate.

Web Designing

  • These fees are a "one-time" fee. We charge $400 for five designed web pages.

Updating & Maintaining Website

  • We charge a yearly fee of $400 to maintain and update your website throughout the year.  Whenever you need anything completed. This yearly $400 fee includes your yearly web hosting ($220) and your yearly domain name fee ($20). This fee doesn't include a whole new website designing. If you choose not to pay this yearly fee, then we would charge a $95 hourly fee for maintaining and updating your website (upon your request).


  • All fees are totaled. Half of this amount is paid as a deposit. The other half is due when your website has been published to the internet.

E-Commerce Websites

  • You want to sell tickets in advance to your live bands? Want to sell out on tickets for a planned outing? You want to sell products through your website? You want customers to choose food menu items and then pay for them through your website? You want the money to go directly into your bank account? YES! We can do all of these services and more! Just ask and we'll show you what options you have.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

  • We don't charge you extra for this service. We feel that since we are building your website that this service has to be completed in order for your website to show up on the internet searches by your current and potential customers. We register your business with the tree main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). DON'T let anyone charge you for this service. It is totally free for anyone to register his/her business with these three search engines.

Do you want to update your own website?

YES! We can teach you or your staff member to update your website in an hour or so. Obviously, this depends on the computer skills of you and/or your staff member. It's that simple.


Customer Data Bases Processing & Management


One day, you will want to sell your business and retire. Right?

Let's say you own a bar & restaurant type business. Your competitor owns the same exact business on the other side of the street. Your competitor has all of his customers' data and an active text messaging marketing program that spans over the last five years.


The competitor's customer data bases total around 10,000 customers. All you have is your business, the name, the building, all the contents within your building, and the numbers (books) showing the past five years. You have no data bases and no active marketing program the utilizes your data bases.

Which business would you buy and why?

Our program for collecting customers' data, processing the data, managing the data, and marketing to your customers based upon the data can work for any type of business.

What happens to your customers' information after they have bought a service or product from your place of business? Do you know that our company has a 98% retention value of all customers that stay within our customer data bases that we over see for our clients? Most businesses can only claim a 15% - 20% retention value in email marketing or text message marketing. We must be doing something right!


Imagine just clicking on a customer data base and sending out a text message discount that customers are waiting eagerly for? No more "junk text messages!" Know your customers' likes, dislikes, gender, age, birthdays, days and times they visit you, specific discounts that each specific customer wants, and more data!


In a bar/restaurant business, how many times have you walked in as a regular customer, and the bartender has your specific drink/beer on the bar top before you even get your coat off and/or sit down at the bar? By offering specific discounts based upon the customer's collected data will probably result in higher sales.

Customer Survey Form Example


Customer Discount Form Example


Customer Data Bases Example


Digital TV Marketing in Local Bars & Restaurants & Motels (hotels)



  • Imagine sitting in a local bar and/or restaurant or arriving at the front check-in counter area of a hotel/motel. What do you see while you are sitting there? Your designed ad continuously playing on these TV's. Guess what? Local customers, that you want to target, are seeing your ad, too!


  • Showcase your upcoming events, drink specials, food specials, market specific food and drinks, and announcements on in-house digital marketing TV's for your customers to view!

Local Business Ad Example
Food Menu Ad Example
Event Ad Example

Other Services Offered


Text Message Marketing

  • Marketing at it's best by strategically targeting customer data bases with the discounts, event information and so forth that they wanted! There is an additional fee of approximately 5.5 cents per text message recipient.

Social Media Management

  • We can manage all of your social media accounts for you. All you have to worry about is just running your business. By having your digital TV banners designed by us, allows us to simply transition them into your social media sites.

Mobile Apps

  • We can design a mobile app for your business and have it download for free by your customers. Your app will be available in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Menu Designing

  • Why pay outrageous prices for in-house and to-go menus? As long as we are designing your website, we can easily design your menus for a low cost.

Online Printable Coupons

  • Want online coupons for your customers to print-out and bring into your place of business? We can do this every month while we update your website. Stop paying for those expensive coupons in newspapers and flyers!

Brochure Designing

  • Need a professional looking brochure designed that encompasses all of the services and/or products that your business offers? Then call upon us!

Digital Rewards Punch Cards (via cell phones)

  • Imagine someone walking into your place of business with their cell phone and it suddenly says. "You have been rewarded for your visit! Please see staff to redeem your reward." It's simple on how this works. The customer builds up reward points every time that he/she steps foot into your place of business. Once they have built up enough reward points, a reward appears on their cell phone.

Mass Mailers

  • We can strategically target certain zip codes based upon average income and geographic locations to maximize the results of your mass mailers. Let's get those customers to walk in your front door!

Customized Memorial Websites with Monument QR Code

  • We offer customized websites for loved ones that have passed away. We provide a QR Code that is affixed on the monument so that anybody can simply scan the QR Code with their i-phone or Android device. They instantly are directed to that person's customized website to learn more about his/her life. The visitor can even post a memory on the loved one's website for others to view and donate to a chosen charity.